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Why Patentbureau De Nederlanden?

We keep you fully informed: Accessible, effective communication with your own patent attorney – qualified both as Dutch and European patent attorney.

No unexpectedly high bills: We offer clear pricing arrangements: a fixed amount or based on an hourly rate, whichever you prefer.

We stand by your side: We are a small firm and therefore very committed to our clients and to the quality that we offer.

Flexible service: Our service is very flexible. We can act quickly and, if necessary, file a patent application within a day.

International protection is possible: We realize patent protection in any country with the help of foreign patent attorneys.

Complete unburdening: We monitor all deadlines in the various procedures, handle all formalities and keep you informed.

A patent (application) advantageously …

Protects your market position: A patent may keep competitors out of your market or at least form a barrier. Even a patent application will typically have a deterrent effect.

Sparks investor interest: Investors and/or buyers are more likely to buy in if your company has patent applications or patents.

Improves your negotiating position: Should you infringe a competitor’s patent, your own patent (application) may give you some leverage during negotiations.

Generates funds: You can license a patent and collect license fees for your invention.

Adds value to your company: Immediately after filing, a patent application already represents an asset that can be put on the balance sheet. For example, a patent application can be pledged as security when taking out a loan, or simply sold.

Improves customer’s perception: An indication that a patent has been applied for or even granted for (a part of) your product is good advertising. A patent (application) can therefore be used for marketing purposes.